Justmatch is a revolutionary player in talent acquisition, committed to simplifying and refining the connection between talents and companies through radical simplicity and analytical precision. The company's approach aligns with the New Work era's focus on people-centric and streamlined digital services, aiming to go beyond complexity in recruiting. Justmatch's dedication to data-driven recommendations resonates with a diverse audience, making it a transformative force in the evolving job market, inspiring improvement for better job fits.


UX/UI Design
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Visual Design
Web Design
Project Lead

Through thorough research and understanding of user behaviors, the platform is crafted to provide a frictionless experience. The UX design focuses on simplicity in navigation, ensuring that users, whether talents or companies, can effortlessly navigate through the platform, create profiles, and find ideal matches.

The UI design of Justmatch is a visual representation of its commitment to simplicity and effectiveness. Clean, minimalist interfaces enhance user engagement, while strategic use of visuals guides users through the platform seamlessly. The UI is not just aesthetically pleasing but also purposefully designed to enhance functionality, making the complex process of talent and company matching appear effortlessly simple.

The product design philosophy of Justmatch is a synthesis of UX and UI principles, driven by the mission to inspire improvement in the job search experience. It encompasses both the functional and aesthetic aspects, ensuring that the product is not only user-friendly but also visually appealing.

The collaboration of UX, UI, and product design in Justmatch's development process is a testament to its dedication to creating a platform that goes beyond conventional recruiting methods, offering a modern, efficient, and visually compelling solution for talents and companies alike.

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