Medudy revolutionizes healthcare education, providing accessible, user-centric medical knowledge using AI and interactive media in over 50 languages. Guided by user interviews, Medudy delivers a streamlined, serious, and user-friendly experience, with an emphasis on concise communication.


UX/UI Design
Art Direction
Visual Design
Web Design
Project Lead

Collaborating with top-tier medical experts, Medudy democratizes high-quality medical knowledge, offering a people-centered approach and personalized learning for doctors in training, young specialists, and experienced professionals. It bridges the gap between expertise and technology, making medical education universally accessible and deeply empathetic.

Our journey in this project encompassed not only the creative aspects of branding and design but also a deep dive into the intricacies of the medical sector's CME point system. We strived to ensure that our platform catered to the educational and regulatory needs of our users, delivering a holistic and meaningful experience.

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